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Crispy and crunchy batters and breadings

Looking for that “just right” texture for a breaded chicken, fish or veggie? Trying to formulate a non-GMO, gluten-free version to duplicate the texture of a wheat-flour-based coating system? Breadings, batters and coatings add a whole new dimension to foods by adding texture, flavor and appearance—and yours needs to be delicious.

Each ingredient plays a unique and complementary role in delivering the perfect texture. Take advantage of our complete range of starches, dextrins, pulse proteins and flours, as well as applications expertise, to design the best system for your product.

Our pre-dusting starches help to keep batter and breading on meat and fish by improving the adhesion properties.


Get the right texture, great crisping and a smooth surface—without the extra sticking—with our clear-coating starches.


  • PENBIND®  series modified potato starches


Explore our toolbox of starches and dextrins designed to enhance your coating system texture, from light and crisp to dense and crunchy—and everything in between.


  • NATIONALTM 0280 tapioca dextrin
  • PENNOVO® 00 modified tapioca starch
  • CRISP FILM® modified high amylose starch
  • GELOSE 80 high amylose starch
  • HI-MAIZE® high amylose starch
  • NOVELOSE™ 3490 modified tapioca starch
  • PURITY ALPHA 805 rice starch

You need just the right viscosity for uniform application of flavors and seasonings and proper coating of a substrate. You can optimize your process without compromising on texture with our starch solutions.


  • ULTARSPERSE® M modified waxy maize starch
  • NOVATION® 5600 functional native waxy maize starch

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Explore our clean label ingredients

NOVATION® 8600 Rice starch

For smooth and creamy textures


For smooth textures in sauces and yield enhancement in meat


For high process tolerance


For superior freeze-thaw stability

HI-MAIZE® resistant starch

Clean label fibre enhancement

FOAMATION™ foaming agent

Develop beverages with rich foams and froth for memorable drinking experiences

Explore our ingredient range

Encapsulants and emulsifiers 

Saving you money


Improve the nutrition and appeal of your products


Functional rice flours with superior performance


Functional native and modifed starches to suit your needs


Reduce sugar with our solutions

Discover our applications

Animal and pet nutrition 

Grain free, gluten-free pet food solutions

Bakery and snacks 

Increase the consumer appeal of your bakery and snack products

Batters and coatings 

Create differentiated textures


Emulsification, encapsulation, sugar reduction and more


Creating great textures and achieve shelf life stability

Clinical and infant nutrition 

Ensuring product safety and nutrition

Colours and flavours 

Replace expensive ingredients


Improve yield, texture and consumer appeal


Create great textures and improve product quality
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